NFC Reader Developers and Manufacturers

Digital Logic Ltd. is an electronics company from Serbia, built on 50 years of constant innovation and engineering resourcefulness.
What once started as an electronics repair shop, today is a modern manufacturing company focusing on NFC Reader solutions.

With a half-century of experience, Digital Logic develops, manufactures and implements electronic devices based on RFID NFC technology.

We are supplying companies across the globe with high quality RFID NFC Reader modules as well as free Software Development Kits. Our RFID NFC Readers work on all major Operating Systems and our software with SDK is being constantly updated. We have friendly and dedicated technical support team which supports our clients through every step of their projects.

All of our devices are CE certified in the highest class which is a genuine recognition of high quality and reliability.
This feature, recognized by clients all over the world, allowed us to export our NFC RFID devices to over 5000 companies and individuals in nearly 70 countries worldwide.

Digital Logic RFID NFC Reader hardware found their application in digital signing, access control, time attendance, cashless payments, public transportation, loyalty systems, vending machines, automated garages and parking lots, hotel systems, industry automation and many more…

RFID NFC Reader development tools

RFID NFC development tools

NFC RFID Readers/Writers with fully featured free SDK (Software Development Kit). Designed for software developers and systems integrators. Well documented API and communication protocol.

RFID NFC Reader online shop


RFID NFC reader writer devices with fully featured free SDK, with external libraries and examples written for all major developing platforms and languages.

RGB LED Displays with SDK for D-Logic NFC Reader

RGB LED Displays SDK

Our latest product series, controllable RGB LED Displays modules with accompanying controller and SDK examples.

RFID NFC Reader Projects

RFID NFC Projects

Possible product implementations for our NFC Readers and our Software with SDK. Each of these projects is already implemented by one or more of our clients.

Digital Signing with NFC Readers, certificate store and SDK

Digital Signing

Digital signing solution with certificate store, SDK software and NFC Readers.