NFC Reader - uFR Nano Online

µFR Nano Online - Powerful NFC development tool by Digital Logic

Are you an NFC solution developer?

Would you be happy to have just one NFC hardware-software tool that can support all of your fantastic innovative ideas?

Imagine you have a single tool with USB, UART, WiFi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth connectivity, a bunch of source code software examples, fabulous card/tag technology support, free firmware & SDK upgrades, all systems and operating platforms supported, and many more.

Now, stop imagining.

Take a look at this amazingly powerful NFC device, a small piece of hardware with outstanding features and NFC RFID SDK. Digital logic presents its latest advances in NFC technology, packaged in just a few inches of a beautifully designed case – µFR Nano Online!

Find out more on the µFR Nano Online page. 


NFC Ethernet Reader - uFR Nano Online