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# Example of APDU communication between EMV card and uFR Series readers
ECLIPSE project, written in GCC. Shows usage of uRF Series reader's API, performing APDU communication with EMV contactless card. Reading public data only.
## Getting Started
Download project, compile and run.
Run appropriate binary and follow the menu and instructions.
### Prerequisites
uFR Series reader, minimal firmware version 3.9.39, minimal library version 4.0.26.
Eclipse environment.
### Installing
No installation needed. Precompiled binaries available for Win32 and Win64 platforms, both Debug and Release.
Other supproted platforms are in TODO list, coming soon.
## Compiling
Use Eclipse for compiling, this is Eclipse ready project.
## License
This project is licensed under the ..... License - see the []( file for details
## Acknowledgments
* Purpose of this example is to provide additional info about usage of firmware and API specific features of uFR Series devices.
* It is specific to mentioned hardware ONLY and some other hardware might have different approach, please bear that in mind.
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