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# Example how to use multiple uFR Series readers on single host : ufr-multi_readers-example-c_sharp
Software example written in C#. Shows basic usage of multiple uRF Series readers on single host.
## Getting Started
Download project and start executable or open source in Visual Studio.
### Prerequisites
uFR series reader, Microsoft Visual Studio.
### Installing
No installation needed.
## Background explanation
uFR Series devices communication relies on FTDI's drivers and device instances.
Order and enumaration of FTDI devices on single host may vary, so one can not be sure what device is used for active communication.
Usually, it is the frist plugged device, because that device takes the very first handle in OS.
From that reason, special set of functions in our API reference are dedicated to the purpose of handling multiple devices.
All those functions has exactly the same syntax as "single device" functions with two exceptions:
- Multi reader functions has added suffix "_M" at the end of function's name
- Multi reader functions has one more parameter, it is always the first one and it represents the handle of that device.
## License
This project is licensed under the ..... License - see the []( file for details
## Acknowledgments
* Purpose of this software demo is to provide additional info about usage of uFR Series specific features.
* It is specific to mentioned hardware ONLY and some other hardware might have different approach, please bear in mind that.
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