Digital Logic got a Declaration of Conformity for its four latest products

  After recognizing clients’ necessities for highly customizable products, available for a wide area of application, Digital Logic further evolved four of their contactless readers. Based on a very well known design of their NFC devices, these new iterations are offering some interesting features.
  uFR Classic, uFR Classic CS, and DL533N CS NFC Reader Writers, together with DL533R CS PC/SC Smart card Reader Writer are available now with either RF booster or SAM module or with both of them. Digital Logic provided the Declaration of Conformity for all the above-mentioned products.
  By receiving this latest CE certificates, our products will be even more competitive on the international market. Either as full-size products or as card size newly developed versions, these readers are fully compatible and mutually inter-operational.
 SAM module increases the security and cryptography performances of Digital Logic readers. Wherever there is a need for higher security, for example, payment transactions or access control to buildings or premises with enhanced safety measures.
 RF Booster is a radio frequency amplifier that extends the reading range of contactless card readers. By installing RF Booster, Digital Logic NFC Reader Writers gained more than 30% of operating range, allowing more commodities to end-users.