Hotel System with integrated Digital Logic devices


Do you want your hotel guests to access their rooms easier, or to control the power circuit of the entire rooms by just using the contactless cards or NFC smartphones?

Digital Logic developed a solution, Hotel System with integrated Digital logic devices that combines these several functions. Hotel Management System users are now can have instant insight into the room access control system and room occupancy. As projected by Digital Logic Hotel System, each room needs two Digital Logi Base HD NFC readers. The outer NFC reader, mounted by the entry door, controls the room access by detecting the dedicated cards or NFC capable smartphones with assigned access rights. The inner NFC reader with the cardholder controls the room power supply and records room occupancy.

Hotel Management System can be inter-operational with the Parking lot and Garage Access System, and also with the Loyalty System used for large retail chains. These several systems integration allows end-users to multitask fulfillment with a single NFC card or NFC smartphone.

Digital Logic provides a Software Development Kit for the hardware mentioned above. This SDK contains many software examples, built for multiple platforms and programming languages. Therefore, the development of highly adaptable software applications becomes fast and simple. This complex system provides many features, such as easy room card replacement in case of losing, defining various access rights dependant on the hotel feature (swimming pool, hotel gym).