GitLab Source Code Repository launched

We launched our new Gitlab Source Code Repository!

Our clients can now always be up to date by downloading the latest SDK software, firmware, and library versions as soon as they are released. Users can also view the changelogs and download all previous versions. Users can even contribute by sending us their own code which we will gladly place on our Gitlab and Github.

Gitlab Code repository includes SDK, firmware, and libraries for our NFC Readers (µFR Nano, µFR Classic, µFR Advance), Autonomous Identification Systems (Base HD) and Controllable RGB LED Displays. More to come soon…

Visit our Gitlab repository!

NFC Source Code Repository


Registering an account is not mandatory but it is advisable. Users who do not wish to sign in can access the repository by clicking on the link “open source software” or by clicking on the link “Explore” at the bottom of the page.


For more information, please contact us at


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