NFC Reader µFR Series hardware upgrade coming on 01.08.2018

NFC Reader hardware upgrade

NFC Reader uFR Classic CS hardware upgrade

From 01.08.2018 onward, all µFR Series NFC Readers will receive an MCU upgrade.

In addition to better performance, the new MCU has twice as much memory as the current one. As a result, this ensures that µFR Series NFC Readers will have more integrated features in their firmware.

These will include but are not limited to, support of DES, 3DES and AES encryption, NFC card emulation, Digital Signing (PKI with RSA and ECDSA encryption), new card types such as MIFARE Ultralight C, and many more to come.

Before, users had to choose between NFC tag emulation and Digital Signing by installing different firmware versions. Now, the new MCU includes all features in the same firmware, with lots of space for further expansion and development.

Devices that receive the firmware upgrade will have suffix “PLUS“. Users can check this on the serial number of the device.

Pre-order and additional information

If you wish to pre-order devices with new MCU, feel free to contact us and ask for NFC Readers with a new MCU (PLUS Series).

You can also pre-order via our online shop simply by placing a comment “new MCU, PLUS Series”.

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