Cashless Payment with Digital Logic Devices

Tired of waiting in the cafeteria line and annoyed of cashier’s picking pocket change for the guy in front of you? You want to pay swiftly and to avoid credit card skimmers. Simply use a contactless  NFC card or key fob or even better, your own NFC capable smartphone. Just place it near Digital Logic’s NFC reader and your payment will be completed instantly and safely.
This form of cashless payment became very popular among students and employees. Paying your lunch without money, coupons, or credit cards gives you a chance to pay it swiftly, without any unnecessary delays or hold-ups.
Users may charge their cards with credits, or virtual coupons and use it in student or factory cafeterias.
Payment is quite easy, just put your NFC card or NFC capable smartphone within an inch of the Digital Logic uFR NFC Reader/Writer and the transaction will be completed.
The same principle is applicable to vending machines, or self-serving water dispensers, or automated beverage taps (with various soft drinks, beers, etc.).
Also, the self-serving car wash may benefit from using this form of payment, avoiding the use of coins, banknotes, or credit cards.