Parking lot and Garage Access System

Tired of wasting your time, while waiting in line to enter or exit the public garage? You want to complete your transactions at the parking booth and pay your parking hours swiftly?
Entering and exiting public garages and parking lots, tend to take too much time, even with automated ticket issuing. On your way out you have to bother with money change or a credit card. It’s a waste of time and paper. Instead, it is much easier to use your NFC card as parking or a garage ticket. You can either charge your card for a period of time or a certain amount of money, it is up to developers who are implementing the system to choose either or both ways.
No need for using your credit card, looking through your wallet for cash, or waiting for the change. Just place your card near the Digital Logic NFC RFID reader and complete your payment. Integration with NFC capable smartphones, through an adequate mobile app, is also possible. This way you can pay safely and quickly, with your favorite smartphone.
Along with the NFC RFID reader, Digital Logic provides an accompanying Software Development Kit, with vast libraries of examples for the majority of programming languages and platforms.
The parking and garage system can also be additionally equipped with Digital Logic RGB LED Display Modules. These modules are ideal for presenting not only information on the number of free parking spaces, prices but it also could be leased for marketing purposes.
This system doesn’t necessarily operate on its own, for public garages or parking lots. Large retail chains can integrate their loyalty system with a parking system, allowing customers to access parking lots and to enjoy all the benefits of the dedicated loyalty program with a single card or NFC capable smartphone. The same principle applies when it is integrated with the hotel system. A single card or smartphone’s IMEI number allows access to the hotel room, using the hotel’s facilities and garages.