NFC RFID Reader/Writer devices with SDK

D-Logic RFID NFC Reader/Writer tools are primarily designed for software developers and system integrators. Our RFID NFC devices and  RFID NFC Reader SDK are fully featured tool for a new system’s development, such as:

  • Digital Signing (RSA, ECDSA), used for document signing, transactions signing, cryptocurrencies, etc
  • Cashless payment. e-kiosks, vending machines, cafeterias
  • Industry automation
  • High-security access control (DES, 3DES and AES encryption, PKI infrastructure)
  • Bus ticketing. Bus fare collection, monthly tickets
  • Hotel systems. Room management, room access, room power supply management
  • Parking systems
  • Time attendance
  • Customer loyalty
  • NFC tag programming (NDEF, URL, vCard, SMS, Call, WiFi connect)
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