Wireless RFID NFC Reader – TWR Pro

TWR PRO USB MIFARE RFID reader/writerTWR Pro RFID reader is a revolutionary and innovative product, based on 13.56 MHz RFID and 433 MHz wireless technology. These relatively well-known technologies are combined with D-logic’s genuine Low Power Consumption fundamentals. D-Logic – Low Power Consumption (DL-LPC) is a result of 2-year long research conducted at our R&D labs. After thorough research and a lot of testing, finally we got unexpectedly good results regarding device power consumption. Based on that result, we made TWR Pro, a unique product among all other RFID readers worldwide. TWR is the acronym for Total Wireless Reader; Pro stands for Professionals, for whom it is primarily intended. It comes as a set with all needed resources, including more additional RFID reader writer for MIFARE® programming, set of cards for testing, well-documented Software development kit API and DLL, demo software with examples, and source-code for several programming languages like Delphi, Lazarus, C/C++. Regular updates and improvements of firmware and documentation can be obtained absolutely free from the download section at our site.

TWR Pro RFID reader can read MIFARE® ISO 14443 type-A proximity cards and tags. It can read MIFARE® unique CSN (4-byte or 7-byte) only, or user-defined data like cardholder number and system ids. The blacklisting feature is also available as a standard option. TWR Pro incorporates 48-bit standard MIFARE® keys with special security keys to provide better security.

Technology brief

TWR Pro is a set of two paired RFID hardware devices: a card reader and an RF transceiver.

The card reader device is a contactless RFID reader intended for all passive ISO14443 A-type MIFARE® cards and tags. The maximum card reading range is up to 4 cm (approx. 1.5 “) from the reader’s surface. It uses a 433 MHz wireless technology platform to transmit all card-related data and device status data to RF transceiver.
Due to our Low Power Consumption technology, we can provide enough power for readers everyday regular operations with only one battery pack. According to our lab and on-field testing results, one battery pack has enough capacity to provide 1,000,000 (1 Million) card reading cycles. Also, it can work in standby mode for 10 years or it can give one Full-dump Log package (64KB) package per day for the next 80 years! Readers can be mounted as indoor or as outdoor devices, with the use of special housing.
This RFID reader has it’s paired device, a small and clever RF transceiver which can be connected to the PC’s USB port. RFID reader and RF transceiver communicate with each other by a dedicated wireless link established on a frequency of 433 MHz. It also incorporates separate channel groups, which are a good way to avoid collisions or “RF pollution”. NO external power is needed.
Known limitations of USB cable length can be overridden by the RS-485 RF transceiver module if needed. This is an exception from common installation practice, since that type of topology needs some cabling, but is also a good way to override longer distances and get closer to the reader’s area due to some specific site installation demands.


  • Indoor or outdoor mounting options
  • The RFID reader is a self-adaptive, smart, low power device without any external power needed
  • Up to 1,000,000 card reading cycles with one battery
  • Reading of MIFARE® ISO 14443A cards with 4 and 7-byte UID
  • Reading of unique CSN (Card Serial Number) or user-defined card number values
  • Whole data communication between reader and RF transceiver is through an air medium in the frequency range of 433 MHz, on a specific set of channels, which can be changed by the user
  • The effective range distance between reader and RF transceiver can be up to 100 meters, while best results are achieved in a range of 25 meters, depending on environment and EMI influence
  • The RFID reader has an internal clock (RTC) and flash memory for events storage
  • All device status messages can be obtained on demand
  • All device settings can be made via the user interface without physical approach to the device
  • Up to 65535 unique card numbers
  • Up to 16384 card events
  • 4 predefined event types (regular entrance/exit, blacklisted card attempt, foreign card attempt)
  • Up to 8 user-defined actions (like private leave, business leave, lunch, etc)
  • All events can be monitored in Real-Time
  • An RFID reader can act as a one-way or two-way reader with anti-passback functionality
  • When using user-defined cards, security is taken into consideration by defining and using MIFARE® card keys
  • Reader support ‘blacklist card’ option for prohibiting access up to 65535 user-defined cards
  • The reader has some built-in security features in purpose for preventing counterfeited cards access
  • Reader supports locking with the user-defined password for security-sensitive options, like time programming, reader firmware upgrade, log reading
  • RF transceiver can be protected with user-defined passwords and data, which can be used as license key functionality, protection of software, etc.
  • Fully featured SDK and API
  • Regular updates and improvements are free
  • Custom options for specific purposes are available through our technical support and sales
TWR Pro hardware features
MountingWall mount, desktop, horizontal, vertical
Dimensions160 g (5.64 oz) with RF transceiver and battery
StyleAttractive, slim polycarbonate enclosure
Card formatMIFARE Classic® 1K, ISO 14443 A
Wireless communication effective rangeUp to 50 meters (100 m LOS); best results at 20 m
Operating frequency13.56 MHz card reading; 433 MHz LPD range for device communication
Hardware16-bit microcontroller, Built-in RealTimeClock
Memory2 MB onboard Flash
Communication portUSB 2.0
Visual indicatorsTwo LEDs indicate device I/O activity and card events
Audible indicatorBuzzer
Power supply requirementBuilt-in Long Lasting 3.6 V Battery pack, enough for up to 1,000,000 (1M) device cycles, which in total includes card reading events, log reading, info reading, or 10 years in standby mode
Power consumptionMax. 12 µA at stand-by
Operating temperature-10° to +60° C
Operating humidity5% to 90% relative, non-condensing
Installation placeIndoor; Outdoor with special housing/mounting case (ordered separately); Always avoid direct rain, snow, or water
WarrantyWarranted against defects in materials and workmanship for 12 months