UNICEF Cryptocurrency v2-02
The main idea is to develop blockchain NFC hardware based financial and loyalty ecosystem that can be used with special designed cryptocurrency.
Main features:

  • Value of cryptocurrency is rising upon usage
  • Transactions have no cost
  • Loyalty system is generator of extra value
  • Every NFC terminal is a blockchain node
  • No server infrastructure needed
  • Extra value goes transparently to UNICEF to help children around the world
  • Open Source System
  • Green Solution. No intensive mining needed, just digitally signed transactions on nodes.

Retailer who wants to a be part of the UNICEF Crypto system need to install NFC terminals in their shop. As terminal hardware will be open source, anyone can build it, any company, so price can be expected from 50-100 USD at beginning and lower than 50 USD when massive production starts.
Retail that accept this loyalty system gives adoptable discounts to all customers, for example 1% . From that discount, one part goes to Unicef and another to the customer. For example 0.4% to Unicef, 0.4% to customers. Customers have satisfaction with helping children of the world, but also have interest in getting discounts. Last 0.2% goes to the cryptocurrency system, so that cryptocurrency can rise. This is done by automatically by getting back to system this 0.2% in the process of transaction.This additional value is not generated virtually. In fact this is real money that cryptocurrency gets as a cash back from retail in the form of a discount. Absence of this additional value in crypto makes small rise of crypto currency values vs FIAT value.
Retailers will have the minimum discount to commit to, but will be able to give higher (adoptable) discounts e.g for World Children’s Day.
Customers will gladly be the holders of cryptocurrency because they will not lose value with inflation or other potential problems. Setting this additional value percentage can prevent cryptocurrency to rise faster than it should. The best way is to keep the step with the years inflation.
First cryptocurrency values are generated through buying crypto for real stable (FIAT) money. In this situation there must be a small fee per transaction that covers bank transactions. Same is with selling crypto value to FIAT. All further transactions are free, because there is no need for additional server infrastructure.
Users of this crypto currency can exchange to FIAT value back, any time they want, because there is always an exact amount of FIAT currency on a dedicated account to support CryptoCurrency to Fiat retrieve.  When cashback is generated through a loyalty system, crypto volume rises.
Crypto rise example:
Let’s say you buy 100 UNICEF Crypto coins for 100 Dollars.
Then you go to a computer shop which offers a 1% customer loyalty discount for using UNICEF Crypto coin, and you buy a hundred Dollar monitor.
From this transaction, four actual transactions are made:
1) 99 dollars in crypto coins go to the seller
2) 0.4 dollars in crypto coins go to the customer as discount cash back
3) 0.4 dollars in crypto coins go to UNICEF
4) 0.2 dollars in crypto coins go back to the Cryptosystem
This 0.2 USD absence in crypto value lowers the total crypto value to 99.98. Number of FIAT values remains the same 100USD, so the worth of one crypto coin rises to 1,0002 USD instead of ex crypto value of 1USD.
This setup also benefits all users:
1. Seller doesn’t have any transfer costs.
2. Customer gets a discount as cash back
3. UNICEF gets a donation
4. Overall cryptocurrency value is increased to 1.002 USD which benefits all the users.
About Us:
Digital Logic is manufacturer of uFR NFC Reader series and developer of Java Card Applet for digital signing with NFC cards. NFC readers and Crypto NFC cards are essential part for this kind of use to make the system easy and highly secure.
System, technical details:
This ecosystem consist of:
BlockChain Terminal – Small device with display, an open source hardware with NFC interface and wireless connection. Stored in any retail that is part of the ecosystem. This terminal is a payment device but at the same time one of decentralised nodes, so no other server or centralised system needed. This terminal needs to support Private Key Infrastructure (further in document PKI). Terminal support of secure elements, secure access module – SAM in further text.
NFC Crypto Card – NFC Card that has Private Key Infrastructure in further PKI. Card is used to store digitally signed transactions. 
NFC Mobile Phones with secure elements – Mobile phones that have security element which can support PKI can be clients as well
Users use cards or mobile phones with stored private keys and certificates that UNICEF provides. Every transaction is digitally signed in NFC Card or Security Element in Mobile phone.
Terminals have SAM modules with PKI infrastructure. Private key is generated and stored in the terminal and UNICEF provides its certificate and publishes it online.
When we pay, we digitally sign the transaction. Terminals check this transaction and verifies the chain of trust. Terminal also signs this transaction and makes a digitally signed block as a candidate for blockchain. Depending on the settings, after a specific time all new blocks are broadcasted to other devices as an update proposal including current device digital certificate. Other terminals receive this information, check validity of certificate, then check digital signature of blocks, and if it is valid they start broadcasting results. If more than 50% results are correct then all terminals/nodes accept this change and update their blockchain log. 
Description of Digital Logic Ltd Technology:
DL Signer Card is a Java NFC card. Digital Logic has developed a Java Applet which is used to digitally sign data with PKI infrastructure and ECDSA Algorithm. Our NFC readers will process data for signing to a card. Card will digitally sign this data with a private key which is inside the card and return the signature back to the reader. We have developed NFC readers with wireless connection. This kind of reader have the possibility to directly communicate with the server, which allows us to send signed transaction data to our blockchain system. Blockchain system should consist of ECDS digitally signed transaction blocks with SHA2 digest algorithm data at the end. Those blocks of data will be chained. Right now, we have centralized blockchain to test the basic solution, but we have a plan to develop consensus operation with peer to peer network.
Technologies that we have today:
As a manufacturer of NFC Readers we cover the world market. You can informed about our references on page:
Untill now we developed:
uFR NFC Reader with wifi support: ,
DL Signer Card 30M48CR :
Our digital signing SDK:
Our digital certificate store:
We hope you like our project and we are looking forward to changing the world with UNICEF crypto coin.
Digital Logic team.