Vending Machines with Digital Logic’s

Vending Machines with Digital Logic's Devices
The traditional coin-operated vending machines became outdated. Modern interactive machines featuring digital screens, wi-fi, sensors, video cameras, and phone charging station are replacing them at a fast pace. New smart vending machines, equipped with Digital Logic NFC RFID readers enable users to pay for the goods by simply placing your contactless card or your NFC capable smartphone near the NFC reader. Now you can have your snacks, soft drinks, coffee, magazines with ease. Touchscreen implemented into vending machine allows you to interact with consumers in various ways, and not just through simple marketing messages. New hardware opens the door to the game-based promotion, sampling, social media sharing. If you include facial recognition, digital signature, interactive multimedia and you will provide information such as customer demographics, purchase trends, etc. for more specific customer targeting for the designated brand.

Smart vending machines enable efficient vending operations with reduced maintenance costs through possible remote manageability. There is also no need for collecting cash money, therefore the risk of theft is minimized. Software Development Kit supplied with Digital Logic NFC RFID reader allows future developers to further elaborate various advanced payment systems either by card or smartphone, sales analytics, etc.