Digital Logic

Digital Logic LTD is a company which has more than 48 years of experience in working with electronic systems. Its business originally started as a service of electronic equipment, constantly working to develop innovative solutions, which eventually led to creation of a recognizable brand of electronic devices D-Logic.

Brand D-Logic is result of the complete business system which provides multiple processes: design of electronic systems and accompanying software, production and quality control, as well as implementation, user training and service.

Digital Logic currently has business relations with more than 200 companies in Serbia and abroad and D-Loigc equipment in more than 800 operating vehicles. Some of our business partners are well-known international companies such as Italy's Fiat, French Veolia, British Arriva and Israeli KAVIM.

D-Logic brand is constantly growing and developing new, unique solutions for the IT industry, in accordance with the wishes and needs of current and future clients.

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