µFR Nano NFC RFID reader

  • uFR Nano is the latest full NFC complient model in Digital Logic uFR Series of NFC RFID Readers Writers.
  • Half card size RFID reader, buit in hardware encryption, fully featured free Software development kit, all hardware platforms supported.
  • This NFC reader offers easy implementation for hobbyists and proffesional developers.
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  • Is NFC reader build upon the NXP PN533 chip according to manufacturers recommendations and guidelines.
  • It is full NFC forum compliant NFC reader and LibNFC compatible device.
  • Large libNFC community is a good starting point for further development.
  • This compact RFID reader is ideal for users loking for basic portable device. 
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LibNFC PN533

µFR Classic RFID reader

  • High quality RFID reader device with maximal reading distance according to ISO14443.
  • Fully featured cross-platform free SDK makes it ideal for rapid application development.
  • This RFID NFC reader is designed for advanced users and developers. 
  • Recent hardware redesign adds features such as NFC tag emulation and controllable RGB LED lights.
  • Device is available in two versions: μFR CLASSIC (rugged desktop version) and μFR CLASSIC CS (slim, ISO card size version).

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UFR Classic

Total Wireless Reader Pro

  • Revolutionary and innovative Wireless RFID Reader, based on 13,56MHz RFID and 433MHz wireless technology
  • Battery powered autonomous device. Low power RFID Reader, primarily intended for time attendance and loyalty systems.
  • It comes with SDK and is meant for Time Attendance developers and integrators.
  • This RFID reader device is intended for advanced integrators.
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Total wireless reader

µFR XRc reader

  • Wall mountable NFC RFID Reader/Writer with built-in access control I/O module with relays, used primarily for Access Control. PC Dependent Non-autonomous device.
  • Low power and high performance NFC RFID reader supporting up to 320 meters (1000 ft) of cable installation while maintaining full performance.
  • RFID reader is intended for developing Access Control  where PC host is far away from the device.
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ufr xrc reader writer

µFR XRca

  • Autonomous RFID Time Attendance and Access Control. PC independent device.
  • Internal memory allows recording up to 16384 events, forming white and black list.
  • This RFID reader is ideal for companies with large number of employees.

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ufr xrca reader writer

µFR Advance

  • Upgraded version of uFR Classic NFC RFID reader with additional features such as: built-in RTC (Real Time Clock) and internal EEPROM NV memory.
  • Provides higher security level. User configurable, password protected part of EEPROM is convenient for storing sensitive data, like license keys or similar.
  • RFID reader device is primarily intended for developing companies and individuals (professionals and hobbyist) for further application and turnkey solutions development.
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ufr advanced

PC/SC smart card reader DL533R

The PR5331C3HN is a highly integrated transceiver module for contactless PCSC Smart Card Reader/Writer communication at 13.56 MHz. The protocol between the host controller and the PR5331C3HN, on top of this physical link is the CCID protocol.

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PC-SC reader PR533

Android Power Bridge - APB

  • Charge you Android device and communicate with the uFR Series NFC reader at the same time over the same micro USB port.
  • Many different APB models are available depending on the necessary connection types.
  • Product customization is available.
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NFC USB reader DL533N OEM

The OEM NFC RFID reader with PN533 enables reading and writing of NFC cards and tags as well as NFC P2P communication. The stick is produced by Digital Logic LTD. It is build upon the NXP PN533 chip according to manufacturers recommendations and guidelines. NXP's PN533 supports the full range of the NFC Forum specifications and standards.

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DL533N CS NFC Reader/Writer