DL Signer Card 30M48CR

DL Signer cards are intended for digital signing of data and documents in the cards themselves using RSA or ECDSA asymmetric cryptographic algorithms.

DL Signer Card 30M48CR is a dual interface card (contact and contactless) based upon JC30M48CR java card with 48k EEPROM. Card implements Digital Logic’s Java Applet for Digital Signing in accordance with Java Card 3.0.4 classic edition and GlobalPlatform Card Specification 2.1.1. 

Java Card maintains compatibility with the third party applets as well as all existing smart card infrastructures. It facilitates the integration of multiple sourcing components within the smart card solutions.


  • MD5 SHA1/SHA224/SHA256/SHA384/SHA512
  • DES
  • AES
  • RSA(STD/CRT 512~2048)
  • ECDSA(FP 192/256/384)


  • ISO/IEC 7816 Part1-4
  • ISO14443 Part1-4
  • Java Card 3.0.4
  • GP2.1.1 (Implementation of Mapping Guidelines of Existing GP v2.1.1 Implementation on v2.2.1; SCP02 supported)

Communication Protocol

  • Contact interface supports T=1 and T=0
  • Contactless interface supports Type A