LUNAS (Login Using NFC Advanced Security)

LUNAS is Digital Logic’s security system for user authentication based on MIFARE DESFire EV1 contactless smart cards.

Data protection is conducted primarily through AES 128 security algorithm, but DES and 3DES algorithms are also an option.

This system is using technology of contactless data transfer between NFC reader and contactless smart card. It is supported by majority of operating systems :Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android.

 User Authentication

A unique identification number is written inside every MIFARE Desfire® EV1 user card.

When a user puts its card onto NFC uFR Nano reader, an encrypted communication tunnel is conducted between the server and the card itself. Through such data transfer tunnel, card’s unique identification number or any other data stored on card is being sent to server. Such communication channel can not be repeated since it’s unique for every communication attempt, and as such is impregnable for any unauthorized user.

Using our Login manager’s back-end enables you to create new users and define their levels of access.

Login Manager comes with the appropriate SDK (Software Development Kit). With the SDK you can easily integrate this solution into your existing systems.

Login Using NFC Advanced Security