Wireless NFC Reader – uFR Nano Online


NFC Reader - uFR Nano Online

Wireless NFC Reader “µFR Nano Online” is a cross-platform NFC Reader/Writer based on Digital Logic’s proprietary API and communication protocol, combined with an ESP32 system on a chip microcontroller.

ESP32 add-on hardware makes the “uFR Nano Online” a unique new product in our portfolio featuring NFC Reader/Writer with USB, RS232 (UART TTL), WiFi, Ethernet and Bluetooth connectivity, RTC (Real Time Clock), external EEPROM, user-controllable beeper and RGB LEDs, 6 pin IO Port (3 pins for input/output, 2 pins for input only and 1 pin for output only) and one port for connecting an additional uFR Nano RS232 NFC Reader.

All this fits in a single compact housing with dimensions of only 86 x 27 x 10 mm.

Software with SDK

SDK (Software Development Kit) and API (Application Programming Interface) are cross-platform so our device can be used on most major operating systems and popular hardware platforms as well.
All software with SDK can be obtained from our Gitlab software repository for free.


Wireless NFC Reader “µFR Nano Online” is completely backward-compatible with our other uFR Series devices so our existing clients can quickly and easily upgrade to the new device with no changes in their code, while new API set related to network connectivity is intuitive and easy to implement.

Introducing ESP32 in this scenario enables users to write their own code for ESP32 in Arduino-like IDE and make a fully standalone working device which can act autonomously.

NFC WiFi Reader - uFR Nano Online - Explode view