Loyalty System

Loyalty System
When you are interested in improving sales results, whether you are running a large retail chain or providing services along with other small business owners, implementing Loyalty System is probably the most popular solution.

Loyalty programs are very effective marketing strategies when it comes to animating existing clients and customers to keep on purchasing goods or services. This sort of marketing strategy is based on rewarding the consumers for their constancy. Rewards may vary from discounts, points, and other membership privileges. Contactless ID cards or key fobs are ideal for identifying regular shoppers.
Therefore, Digital Logic has prepared hardware coupled with software development kit (SDK) for customers who are willing to develop their own optimum solution.
Highly reliable RFID NFC readers became famous for their impeccable operation, regardless of outside conditions.
SDK provides examples written for the 
majority of platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS, ARM and ARM HF) and programming languages (Java, JavaScript, Lazarus, Borland Delphi, C++).